Leading a life of purpose

"I am my own catalyst", wrote my client earlier this week as she was putting together her purpose statement. 

It was an AHA moment at the end of a day rich in observations, discoveries, affirmations, and celebration. A time when she could stand back and see all that she was summarized on little post-its on the wall. 

We're it!

It's a universal truth when you stop to think about it. We are indeed our own catalysts. We are responsible for our well-being and happiness. The buck stops with us. 

Show up. Bring the best you have to the table. Take responsibility is the motto my partner Roger Strachan and I share with our clients. It doesn't get any simpler. 

Leading and Living with Purpose collage

Key words

Getting back to the wall, what do the post-its contain? Key words gotten from

  • debriefing questions sent a couple of weeks beforehand
  • a collage exercise
  • a silent walk in the woods, weather and area permitting
  • a guided imagery
  • a tarot card
  • journaling
  • conversations

All is grist for the mill — I call it feeding the wall as we add key words throughout the day. When the wall is complete, the client organizes it into clusters that have meaning for him or her. And then gathers all those ideas into a purpose statement. 

A sample wall

"I reclaim and nurture myself through healthy food and spirit as I step into my power," added the client.

Each day with a client is special. Each statement is unique.

Pause at the end of a cycle

When you come to the end of a cycle, it is good to pause, to reflect on all that has happened. To contemplate the road ahead. It is affirming to take stock, to look at all that you are. To come to the realization of your gifts and treasures. To figure out where and how you might best offer them to the world. 

  • What has served me well over the years?
  • What do I want to carry forward?
  • What is my passion?
  • How do I bring balance?
  • What kind of expression would bring deeper meaning to my life?

"Using my skills and qualities, I stay open to the possibilities with renewed passion."

One client has carried his purpose statement in his wallet for the past ten years. "I am proud to say that many of the visions and goals I articulated with you are now very real in my life," wrote Rob Meltzer last fall.

At a crossroads?

Have you come to the end of a cycle? Are you at a crossroads? Is it your turn to pause and reflect?

Mado Reid created Leading and Living with Purpose with a colleague some 20 years ago and has been facilitating the workshop in the US, Canada, and Europe ever since. She is an expert at helping people move from chaos to clarity. She can be reached at 928-458-5160 or via email. 

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