"Life is good in Bellingham," writes Lindsay Poynter. "We are amidst a lot of growth and change. In addition to abundant work, a fun and creative remodel, and lots of sleeping outdoors, we are having a baby!"

Abundant indeed and about to get more so! In her spare time, Lindsay counsels children, teens and their families, teaches at Western Washington University in the Recreation program, and explores the depth of her being. 

Live gracefully with all I can't control.

I picked TRUST and ABUNDANCE as my themes because
I needed a reminder to stay grounded and connected to the earth instead of letting the airy dreamer and worrier in me operate from a place of fear.
I derive the following benefits from my theme
I have been able to let go and remember to trust I can live gracefully with all I can't control.
I display my theme
On my fridge!
My favorite sport
Right now, soccer.
My favorite hobby
Playing guitar and singing.
People don't usually know
Sing and play guitar.
I would like to be remembered for
My love of life, the earth, children, and my ability to see the best in other.
My favorite color
My favorite piece of clothing
A hoodie, jeans or a skirt, and flip flops.
A book by Sandy Gingras
I most admire these traits
Patience, passion, creativity, intelligence, compassion.
My favorite quote
Ohhh, I have so many. How to choose just one??? Here's a longer one by Kathleen Dean Moore: "I am beginning to see gratitude as a way of life… to see the world gratefully is to be endlessly surprised by the bare fact of it, its beauty and power and everlastingness.
"Gratitude is attentiveness. It is easy to move through the world and never notice how a shifting wind changes the air from salt to cedar, easy to overlook the invisible moon that moves the tides.
"Gratitude is also a kind of terror. The gifts of this world come unbidden and undeserved. No one owes us any of this — the air to breath, the children to fear for, the tides to mark each day, the winter storms. Rain is not a birthright.
"The world is contingent, improbable, beyond our control: it could be, or not. A small change in a constant, and none of this happens. The gift is a mystery, beyond understanding, why there is something, rather than nothing, and why it is so beautiful."
My favorite pets
My dogs Chloe and Hazelnut.
Lindsay's pet ChloeLindsay's dog Hazelnut
In my next life, I would like to come back as
A musician.

My favorite place
By the water.
My happiest moment
My wedding day.
My pet peeve
Chronic blamers.
My favorite possession
If I could live anywhere
Where I live now.
My purpose in life is to
How can I let go of control? 
How can I let abundance flow into my life?
How can I release and trust the universe?
Mado Reid is a nurturer and an expert at helping people move from chaos to clarity.  Every year she encourages clients, friends, and colleagues to chose a theme for themselves (as opposed to drawing up a long list of resolutions) and provides gentle reminders throughout the year. Fill out the form on the right if you would like to join the group. It's never too late! You can also call Mado at 928-458-5160.


"One of my favorite memories is doing yoga early, early one morning on the dock at my brother's cottage north of Thunder Bay" (Ontario), writes Sharon Coates, one of the best production managers in Canada. "It was ever so quiet, only a couple of birds singing at that point. Rising mist on the lake."

"Suddenly, CRASH, BANG, SPLASH, SPLASH!!! Two moose came out of the woods and splashed into the lake just yards away from the dock. OMG! They swam placidly away, paying no attention to me. It was so friggin fabulous I almost started to cry."

My brother's cottage north of Thunder BayI met Sharon and her husband Craig (see Explore possibilities) some thirty years ago while both were working at Saturday Night — a Canadian general interest and literary magazine featuring the top writers in the country. Sharon was production manager (she went on to become vice-president, operations) and Craig the art director.

They live in Toronto, pick and choose their projects, love on their cats and dog Millie, and ride their beloved horses in the fields and woods near Caledon. 

I picked NOTHING TO DO JUST NOW as my theme because
I find it very difficult to sit and do nothing, but easier if I'm not at home. 
I derive the following benefits from my theme
Emptying my mind, just contemplating
I display my theme
On my computer
My favorite book
How about category? Dark, brooding Canadian fiction.
My favorite sport
Horseback riding, if walking around fields and woods is called a sport.
Sharon Coate's horse CinnamonMy favorite hobby
Knitting, hands down
People don't usually know
I'm an introvert!
I would like to be remembered for
I would just like to be remembered! Everyone will remember me for something different. 
My favorite color
Blue greens — from seafoam through turquoise to dark teal
My favorite piece of clothing
Sweaters — wool, alpaca, cashmere, merino. Yummy!
I most admire these traits
Courage, compassion, commitment.
My favorite quote
Too many favorites!
My favorite pet
My horse, my cats, my dog (not necessarily in that order)
In my next life I would like to come back as
A Buddhist monk so I can get the real work done, instead of fluffing around. 
My favorite place
My knitting basket, my garden, my porch, my brother's cottage.
My happiest moment
There are many!
My pet peeve
Extreme conservative right-wing thinking, so popular now.
My favorite possession
My husband!!!
Craig AllenIf I could live anywhere
I would live in any number of place in Canada and Europe.
My purpose in life is to
Overcome greed and avarice and I'm not doing well. 
Nothing to do just nowWhy not take time out to do nothing for the next few minutes. Take a few deep breaths. Sit in the stillness. 
Mado Reid is an expert at helping people move from chaos to clarity.  Every year she encourages clients, friends, and colleagues to chose a theme for themselves (as opposed to drawing up a long list of resolutions) and provides gentle reminders throughout the year. Fill out the form on the right if you would like to join the group. It's never too late! You can also call Mado at 928-458-5160.


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