Case Studies

Case studies will give you a better understanding of how we work with clients, of the purpose statements they've written, of the results they've obtained. You may recognize some of your own issues and feelings in these case studies.  

Case study no. 1  Focusing on what really matters.  Being a school principal proved to be a stepping stone to a broader career in education. This young man of 33 needed a time out, a day where he could focus on himself, where he received gentle guidance and facilitation. He was able to get all his ideas, values, feelings, aspirations up on the wall. He created a powerful purpose statement and outlined a game plan to help him achieve all that he was capable of. 

Case study no. 2  Building a team spirit and developing a common purpose.  This small communications firm found that its members weren't always clear about the firm's direction nor what their individual and collective strengths and passions were.

Case study no. 3  Celebrating a major rite of passage with meaning. No issues here. Just two friends turning sixty who wanted to celebrate this rite of passage in a meaningful way. They gathered six friends and asked me to custom-tailor a workshop for this purpose. 

Case study no 4  Clearing away clutter to bring a house to life and allow new energy to emerge.  The house had gotten out of hand. The couple traveled a lot and got in the habit of sweeping things out of the main room into bags and bins and onto shelves and into closets. Where to start?