Focus on what really matters

Case Study no. 1

The client.  A young man age 33. Three young children. Principal of an alternative grade school. Rob had worked with young poeple in various capacities since graduating from college. 

The issue.  Rob was at a crossroads. What direction to take? How to follow his soul and still provide for his family?

The process.  We spent a day together, using a variety of creative approaches custom-tailored to Rob and where he was at in his life and calling on both sides of the brain. We kept feeding the wall with keywords that reflected every part of who Rob was. Gathering up all the ideas, Rob came up with a purpose statement that created a sense of direction to get him to where he aspired. 

Rob's purpose statement
I win the battle
to bring my light, love, and compassion into the world
by confronting my dark side and making choices
that bring me greater power. 
I use this light, love, and compassion
to guide others
across the boundaries into the unknown places
where their greatest passions can be discovered.
I use my problem-solving, organizational, and computer skills
to create educational contexts
in which people come together
in ways that help them become more of who they are.
In so doing, I earn enough money
to provide for my family, fulfill my dreams, 
and help my children fulfill theirs. 
I enjoy my life. 
I play with my children,
spend time outside engaging in rigorous exercise,
and have an intimate relationship with a woman. 
I live in a beautiful, ecologically sensitive home
that brings me and my family closer to the Earth
and what is most important. 
I spend time talking to God.
I have the chutzpah to REALLY live my life. 

The outcome.  Today, Rob Meltzer, MA, CEP, runs his own successful educational consulting firm — Northlight Family Services ( and is highly regarded in his field. He writes:

"I cannot believe it has been years since I did your workshop. I want to take a moment to thank you for what you gave me. At a time when it was hard to see clearly, you helped me inventory my interests, passions, concerns, and cares. You put them in front of me and show me how to prioritize, consolidate, organize, and make sense of all of them.

"I came away with a concise and clear vision of what really matters to me in my life. What an important gift you gave me. 

"The small piece of paper you gave me that day — the one with the five most important statements of my life — is one of the most sacred items I have. To this day, I carry it with me everywhere I go. That piece of paper helps me stay focused on what really matters and I am proud to say that many of the visions and goals I articulated with you are now very real in my life.

"You have a profound gift to offer people and I thank you for sharing it with me."

Case study no. 2

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