How I work

In this section, I'll tell you about the clarity people have gained in working with me. I'll reveal what motivates and stimulates me. I'll then outline my approach to work and client projects. And finally, I'll expand on how inviting Quio to walk alongside you for a spell leads to a unique and rewarding experience.

Expected results

You'll move out of your rut and in the direction in which you want to go. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. I'll help you uncover your wants and desires, clarify your purpose, get it all down on paper and identify action steps to get you out the door. 

You'll dust off old dreams and start to clarify the areas in which you want to contribute. I'll help you articulate new life projects and get you excited about this next stage in your life. 

You'll set your compass. Using a variety of methods, we'll check out what's in your toolbox, identify what you might need to add, outline the areas where you might best use your tools, skills and talents, and draw up a plan to get you there. 

You'll outline your ideas and thoughts. I'll help you organize them in a logical and meaningful manner, get them down on paper and ensure your message gets across. I'll aid you in disseminating your ideas in whatever form you choose – blog, website, article, book, speech.

You'll brainstorm your event and get all those ideas up on the wall where you can examine them. I'll help you create the tools you need to track your progress and ensure a highly successful outcome. It's all in the planning. Anticipating and covering all the bases means you'll be able to deal with the unexpected when it crops up. And it will. 

You'll step back and look at the big picture. I'll help you break it down into doable chunks and get it scheduled so it all gets done in time and to your specifications. 

You'll work in a space that's custom-tailored to your needs, wants and quirks. I come with no preconceived ideas of what your workspace should look like other than it should reflect who you are, how you work and think, and how you like to move through the world. 

You'll re-energize your living spaces. Dusting off the cobwebs, getting rid of things you no longer use, paring down will infuse you with renewed energy and vigor. 

You'll settle into your new dwelling in no time. You'll get rid of the extra stuff, your boxes will be identified and color-coordinated to the appropriate rooms, the movers will know where to put what, and the unpacking will be fast and efficient. You'll be ready to sit down and relax in no time. 

Meeting your needs and goals is my sole purpose

I work organically and visually. You see the process develop as it unfolds. It's a flexible, versatile system that can be readily custom-tailored to your exact wants, needs, and timeframe. 

I have no pre-set or ready-made systems and processes. While I have many tricks up my sleeve, I have no trophies to win, no points to prove. The work starts with you and ends with you. 

I facilitate your process and ensure you come up with a tool, a purpose statement, a communication piece, an event, a plan, a schedule, a workspace, a system, a closet, a living space, a workshop, a conference, a seminar, a retreat that meets your needs and goals, your wants and desires, that surpasses your expectations. I ensure the outcome incorporates your unique approach to life, and is a true reflection of you, your couple, your business, your brand, your business unit. 

I work in tandem with you to get you what you need and to get you on the road to where you want to go. You decide how much you want to do yourself and where you need help. I can slip in and slip out, stay a while, stay longer, linger. I'm good for a nudge or a greater chunk of the work. No job is too small or too large in scope. 

I facilitate your creating a system that works for you and takes into consideration your unique approach. 

I provide the support and facilitation you require to get the job done, to get your business off the ground, to get you up and going in your project.

I coach and nurture you along. I walk you through the steps until you are steady on your feet.

I help you gather all the pieces, organize them and make sense of them all, plot them out and move forward.

Resources and connections

I've many years of experience and have covered a number of areas in the course of my careers, from project management. to communications to professional and personal development. I've plugged into many schools of thought and streams of consciousness. I've gathered many resources. While I don't pretend to know everything, I do believe in those six degrees — or six pixels! — of separation. If I don't know something, I can probably come up with someone who does. And I'll be happy to connect you. 

Now that you have a better idea of the clarity you can gain from our flexible approach, which always places you front and center and puts you in charge of the process, I suggest you learn more about the specific services and workshops I offer. 

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