Here are some of the ways that we are here to serve you — and how we put you at the center of what we do. 

We custom tailor our services to your needs, to help you achieve clarity in how you live your life, in your doing, in your thinking, in your planning, and in your organizing. 

We start and end with you. Where are you at this point in time? What would you like to achieve? Do you need a short-term view or a long-term one? Do you have a specific task to get done or are you looking for a longer-range approach, one that is aligned with who you are, where you find meaning, an approach that gives purpose to your life? Wherever you are, there we are, walking alongside you, sharing in your process, providing the facilitation you require to lighten your load and get you moving in the direction in which you want to go. 

Overview of our services

A unique approach. Our work is inspired by you, by your needs, by who you are, by how you walk through life, by how you work, by how you view the world, by how you like things to be. 

A retreat for the heart and soul. Our workshops provide a time out, a respite from everyday life. A day where you can focus just on you, where you create a space to listen to the voices inside you and, more particularly, to that one voice that seems to come from a deeper place. What lies at the core? What's your purpose? How do you align your life to fulfill that purpose?

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An exciting, easy way to plan. Whether you are planning your next year on a personal or business level, organizing a corporate or personal retreat, launching a business, mulling over some ideas, strategizing in one way or another, having someone to ask the right questions, to help you brainstorm, to facilitate your process, to help you see the big picture is an asset.

We'll facilitate your process as you gather all the pieces, make sense of them all, plot them and chart your course. Our approach to planning and scheduling is dynamic, visual, organic, all-encompassing, and highly versatile. It perfectly records what you are thinking and wanting at this point in time. 

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Organizing made painless. Our approach to organizing mirrors our approach to editing — where we're gone, you'll wonder what got taken out. Just as an author benefits from having an editor provide perspective, ideas, and suggestions, so will you. As we explore the areas that need a little help, we'll provide that objective perspective. And we'll help you create a system that works for you and takes into consideration your unique style of walking through the world. 

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Free consultation

We offer a free one-hour phone, Skype, or in-person consultation. This allows us to get to know you better, to explore your needs and goals, to find out more about what you require, and to assess how together we can develop a process or system that is tailor-made to you and ensures you get exactly what you want. 

From your vantage point, this free consult gives you time to ask questions, get clarifications, pick up a few tips, and evaluate if what we offer and what we can provide will address your specific needs and meet your requirements. 

As the consultation comes to an end, together we'll be able to determine whether or not there is a fit and the next steps to take if there is. 

Call us now at 928-458-5160 to book your free one-hour consult. 

And congratulate yourself on moving toward greater clarity in your life!