Theme for the Year

Resolutions are made to be broken. It's a fact! Why not pick a theme instead? It's so much easier to remember one or two words. Simple. Neat. Clean. Not to say guilt-free – you can't break a theme. 

 I shared this thought in an email I sent to a number of friends, colleagues, and clients in 2010, and every year since then. 

The response was tremendous. Some 50 people shared their themes in 2011. The number doubled to 105 in 2012 and has remained on a steady rise since then — check out the partial list in the right sidebar. Quite inspiring, isn't it?

Gentle reminders

I've had a lot of fun creating various reminders to gently nudge people into keeping their themes present. I use both email and snail mail.


You're a sweetheart. Rest assured, those reminders are terrific. Each time I look at one I think how absolutely right those words were for me!

Sharon Coates, Toronto


Put on your thinking cap.  No need to reinvent the wheel. If one of the themes on the list or in the blog suits you, claim it for yourself. Declutter, Focus, and Balance have had several takers in the last three years while Gratitude and Acceptance have been popular this year. 

All you need do is email me your theme. Include your mailing address too and I'll add snailmail to the mix of reminders. I'll send you a confirming email as soon as I receive your theme to let you know all is well.

Click here to read about the Benefits people have derived from their themes.  I've also featured individual participants and their themes in the blog section Bits and Pieces. The two sections include a form to fill out to share your theme. 

Here's to a theme guiding your activities in 2015!

If themes aren't for you, you may wish to read Purpose statements or Case studies. Or see How we work.