My greatest joy is to see you find meaning in what you do, to see you thrive, to see you fulfill you purpose. As a facilitator and a catalyst, I work with you to guide your process of uncovering what resonates for you, how you can best manifest your many talents and skills, and how you can achieve what you set out to do. 

I work with people of all ages. On a one-on-one basis where you get my full, undivided attention. Or on a group basis. While you share the time with others, you get to partake of the collective wisdom. Both ways are fulfilling. Below is an outline of the workshops I offer as well as what I can help you put together. 

Living with purpose.  A one-on-one workshop for you or you and your life partner. Find out more. Read about one client's experience.

Women on the cusp.  A full-day workshop to explore what comes next. Offered on a group basis, for women only. Click here for more information, location and dates of upcoming workshops. 

Celebrating a major passage.  Sometimes a party just won't cut it. You want something more meaningful to mark the passage of a special anniversary or birthday. We'll custom-tailor and plan a day to celebrate life and friends while exploring purpose and life passions. To see what this might look like, go to Case study no. 3.

I am so impressed by your enthusiasm,
follow through, and largess.
You are a true whiz kid… and such a delight to know.
Thank you for sharing your gifts. 
Jodie Flynn-Goldman


Retreat facilitation.  Do you need a time out to take a look at where you are and where you, your staff and your business are going? Do you want to gain some perspective before forging ahead? Could you and your staff work more cohesively?

A retreat is a great way to

  • Relax
  • Bring your team together
  • Let those creative juices flow
  • Revisit your vision
  • Craft or review your mission or purpose statement
  • Generate new ideas
  • Set goals.

We facilitate one-day and multi-day retreats based on your needs. To get an idea of possible outcomes, see Case study no. 2

Yearly action plans.  Offered on a one-on-one or group basis.

Start your own business.   Develop an action plan as you prepare to launch your business. Plot your course. See where you are going. make sure you cover all the bases. Identify where you might need help. Offered on a one-on-one basis. 

Explore your mandala.   A one-on-one or group workshop. Offered with my partner Roger Strachan. Find out more about the mandala and the Self•Soul•Spirit model.

Grow old with your partner. A one-day experiential couples workshop. Offered with my partner Roger Strachan.  Find out more

Wilderness encounters and intensives.  Custom-tailored to individual needs. Offered with partner Roger Strachan. Click here to find out more about Wilderness Encounters. Click on this link to found out about Intensives. You'll need to scroll down to get to the section. 

Customized workshops.  We'll gladly provide half-day and full-day workshops customized to your exact needs. If you are a business, this might include creating a mission statement, team building, charting the future of the business, training, purpose and core values, life balance. 

If you are an individual or a couple, we'll tailor the work to whatever area or issue you would like to examine, to work on, to highlight. 

Call us now at 928-458-5160 to start the process. Remember, the first hour is on us.