Leading and living with purpose

Let heart and soul lead the way


  • Want to explore what drives you
  • Wish to uncover your core purpose
  • Yearn for something fulfilling
  • Want a change

Do something about it! Take a day just for you. A day to explore, to uncover, to articulate. Set aside a time to take stock, to acknowledge the gifts, to open up to the possibilities, to develop fully and freely the deeply held values that shape your everyday priorities and actions.

I came out of the day energized
with a much clearer vision of my priorities.
Marcel Auclair, Montreal


Create a vision. Put your purpose into words. Relax and let yourself be guided through the process.

Through journalling, collage, writing, visualization, and other methods, journey inward as you tap into your essence and embrace all of who you are.

Workshop objectives

► To provide a sounding board to clarify your personal, deeply held values
► To facilitate the expression of your values into a clear core purpose statement
► To help you set specific goals and objectives related to achieving your purpose in your personal, professional and social life

Take this workshop alone or with your partner:

  • Do it on your own. The full focus of the day is on you. It allows you to go deeply to the heart of matters. You get to choose the date that suits you best. You can come to me or I can come to you. If expenses are involved, I will add my travel costs to the cost of the workshop.
  • Do it with your life partner. A day for the two of you to examine what's important in your lives and how you can work together to achieve what each of you wants individually and for the collective. A wonderful way to strengthen your relationship. 


  • $450 if you do it alone
  • $600 if you and your partner do the workshop together

Cost includes pre-work, all materials — including summary booklet — lunch, snacks and follow-up.  

Workshops start at 9 am and end at 6 pm. 

Take a day for your heart and soul. Book your time NOW! Call 928-458-5160 and tell me what days work for you. 

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